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Solution to protect your privacy, hide your online activity… because it is nobody’s business what you do on the Internet. This solution is permanent! LIFETIME!



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Anonymous Browsing via USB ANONYMOUS

Many of you question the security of Internet browsing and the tracks you leave every day visiting sites. Because yes, every time you open a web page, sites collect a lot of information on you without you knowing. Your IP address for example you can locate geographically. It is also easy to know your browser, the screen resolution, operating system and place a cookie on your computer that will be used to recognize you when you subsequently pass and possibly target advertising that is placed on the pages. Here is the solution to protect his privacy and hide your activity on the web. Because it is nobody’s business what you do on the Internet. Of course you can use TOR, but nowadays that’s is not enough.

Once the USB ANONYMOUS is connected, you will have total protection:

To initiate a conversation the user must enter the phone number or select a contact from the phone book from within the application. For each new conversation Flexi Mobile Shield Voice will generate a random and unique encryption, this irreversible key is then extra encrypted with a Diffie-Hellman and an RSA encryption algorithm. After the key setup process, the actual conversation can start. The voice encryption is done with an adapted ARC4 or AES 256 algorythm with dynamic keys and encrypted with the RSA or DH key.

  • You can surf and send emails 100% anonymous and completely reliable.
  • The browser will be sent to three continents and over 8 different countries.
  • Your internet connection will never have the same IP address.
  • Your browser TOR is replaced with other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Send email has never been safer. Nobody will harass you because your Internet activities are no longer visible.

The Internet service providers are required by law to record your Internet behavior for one year. And consequently they provide it on request. What is impossible with our USB drive.

Use all the time our USB drive. It is valid for life. No complicated installing of a TOR browser, just insert the USB drive and it’s ready!

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