Crypto Phone Engima

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Quick Overview

Just buy this phone and you are done! You can Call and Crypto Calling in one device.  The hardware encryption make sure your calls cannot be intercepted.  This is NOT an Encryption Software Application that can be cracked.

Enigma is without any doubt the best cryptophone that works worldwide with a normal Pre-Paid Simcard. No data needed, fully anonymous, life time, no license required. Enigma is used by Government, they know why.



A transfer of non-encrypted speech is not possible during an encrypted call, neither accidentally nor by faulty connection by the network provider. Furthermore, the vulnerable Bluetooth interface is blocked for encrypted calls.

Safety from Interception
 Secure Communication in insecure Networks  

Did you know to which extent phone call are tapped nowadays?  Experts estimate the losses suffered by business espionage in the Netherlands at roughly € 30 billion per year, imagine the number worldwide.

 The mobile phone network is particularly susceptible. 

In this area the GSM network rules apply which are insufficient in respect of security and there is no sufficient security for tap-proof phone calls. Hence, for all mobile phone users keen on protecting their data and their phone calls confidential need a specific technology meeting these requirements:

Cryptographic communication technology based on true hardware encryption.

Hybrid-Encryption Procedure

Safety from Interception by a Two Stage Hybrid Encryption Procedure.  This phone offers an efficient and easily operable end-to-end solution for speech encryption unique in the world. Each phone disposes of an individual key pair which is generated and certified by the Trust Centre of Deutsche Telekom and stored in the T-TeleSec NetKey card (crypto card) integrated into the mobile phone. When another mobile phone (equally having an individual key pair) is called the partners are reciprocally authenticated by the certificates and the two key pairs of the respective crypto cards.

A randomly produced ‘Session Key’ (one time pass key, one out of about 10 to the 77th power) will be encrypted exchanged between the phones and used only for this individual call.

This key encrypts all signals exchanged between the mobile phones.

Whoever taps the encrypted data flow will only hear a noise the content of which cannot be decrypted even by high performance mainframes.

This phone ensures maximum cryptographic security and reliability combined with excellent speech quality.

Use with normal phone calls
 This phone is also a mobile phone for “normal” calls 

In addition to the integrated encryption system this phone has all features of a usual business mobile phone so that it can be used for “normal” calls also.

 This is important for business people 

If you have the phone you do not need a second mobile phone for your normal calls. When switching to secure communication you can keep your existing SIM card and your usual mobile phone number.

 Full Crypto System 

In spite of its important ingredients with its weight significantly under 100 grams is one of the lightest mobile phones on the market and not bigger than usual business mobile phones.

Delivered as a anonymous phone

The technical name is T3 / E2 which stands for secure calls over the GSM network. No longer licensed decline for some time but just buy this phone and you’re done. No complicated instructions, just call directly with the world without Internet!

 All advantages at a glance! 
  • No license required
  • Works with Pre-Paid SIM cards
  • No registration required
  • No « backdoor » control (no single agency can monitor and / or record)
  • Manage your own crypto key (no storage of talks on « safe » server)
  • Device is made in Germany
  • Have only one device bagging
  • Call and Crypto Calling in one device
  • Can switch from Pre-Paid Card
  • Every conversation simply goes over the GSM network
  • Your calls are untracable
  • Your calls are not stored on a server
  • SMS messages protected by password
 Technical Data and Functions 
  • Networks : Tri-Band GSM 900, GSM 1800, PCS 1900
  • Physical Parameter : 2,4“ TFT Display, Micro-SD-Card for max. 8 GB (2 GB already included), Weight: 94g, Dimensions: 116 x 50 x 14.65 mm
  • Battery : Lithium-Ion, Capacity: 930 mAh , Call time: approx. 5 h ,Standby: up to 250 h
  • Extra : FM-Radio, MP3 Player, Organiser / PDA, Calendar, Alarm, World Clock, Notes, Pocket Calculator, Converter for Measure Units, Currency Calculator,  Stopwatch, Crypto Management, File Manager, E-Book Reader
  • Multimedia: Camcorder, Image Viewer, Video Player, Photo Editor, Audio Player, Sound Recorder
  • Bluetooth: This phone supports the following  Bluetooth profiles (clear calls only), Headset, Hands-free, Dial Up Networking (DUN), File Transfer, Object Push, A2DP
  • Camera : CMOS, Pixels: 3.0 Megapixel, Fast Zoom, CMOS, Pixels: 3.0 Megapixel, Fast Zoom
  • Data Transfer : Circuit Switched Data (CSD) 9,6 kbps. GPRS Class 12, max. 4 uplink- and 4 downlink channels, active time slots max. 5, Coding scheme 4 (CS 4, 20 kbps. per time slo